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March 24- 

Subject: Blue Starlite Drive-In Closed Until April 14


Dear beloved customers of Blue Starlite Mini Urban Drive-In,


By now you’ve heard of the “shelter-in-place” mandate put in place by the Mayor. Because we are not considered an essential service, we are going to have to put our movies on hold until the mandate is lifted on April 14. 


Blue Starlite Drive-In is officially closed in both Austin and Round Rock from March 25 - April 14 in Austin and MARCH 25-APRIL 9 in ROUND ROCK!.


But good news: Ticket sales for the season are still live. Show dates will resume the date the mandate ends on April 14, when you can finally get out of the house to see a movie! We may not be able to guarantee a specific show date at this time, but you can reserve a ticket for a day of the week that is listed and rest assured, your film will play on that day. (For instance, if a film is set for a Friday, it will play on the Friday in order of current schedule.)


If you have already purchased tickets, they are still valid. You will be able to use them when the Drive-In reopens on the rescheduled date assigned to it. Please note the day of the week your original showtime was -- this will be the day of the week your new showtime will be in the same order. (For instance Weds. March 25th show will now be Weds April 15th) You will get an email closer to show date with what your original date was, and what your NEW DATE IS. If you cannot make it to the new date we will work with you to find a make up date that works for you.


We are experiencing an overwhelming influx of emails and voicemails right now, and we appreciate your patience while we get back to everyone. You can also reach us on Facebook (Austin and Round Rock) with questions.


This information is subject to change depending on what happens over the next few weeks, so check back on the website for updates:


Thank you so much for supporting your local drive-in. We can’t wait to show you more movies next month!


Love and Celluloid,

The Blue

The Blue Starlite Actual

The Drive-in in the age of “Social Distancing.” A update on our nightly operation from the Blue Starlite South Austin & Round Rock.


There are currently 327 Drive-in movie theaters in the country. We own 2 of them. The smallest ones! (“mini urban drive-in”) One in Austin and our new one in Round Rock. 


There are roughly 5,833 movie theaters in the country. 


At least for the next couple of months, drive-in’s appear to be the saviors of cinema, and going out in general! We’re gonna need a few more drive-ins!


With that said we are really upset and worried about our peers who own and work at indoor cinemas and hope that these closures end as soon as possible so the movie theater industry can get back on its feet, employees can get their security back, and continue to offer all the great cinematic experiences that Drive-in’s (although a special one of a kind experience in itself) can not.


Who would have thought that drive-in movies would one day AGAIN become the most attractive option for going out? While the coronavirus is a very serious thing and we are all taking steps to minimize its impact, who knows how long the threat will last and how many events will be cancelled?  Are we all supposed to stay home for weeks or even months to come.  We at the Blue Starlite are doing our best to help.  


We are devastated by the cancellation of SXSW and have offered film makers who were cancelled a screen to show their creative offerings on Tuesday, March 17. If you can’t go to SXSW, please stop by then to support its film makers.  


The most important thing that we offer is “social distancing” from the comfort of your car.  You drive in, enjoy a movie and concessions all in the comfort and safety of your car.


We are of course concerned with our crews and with your safety and emotional comfort and take that very seriously.  So there are a few things we are doing differently to make a night out as enjoyable but also as safe as possible.


 The big one... You do not have to hand us your phone at the gate as you used to do! You should just pull your ticket up and scroll thru facing the window so we can see it. That’s all we need.  And we will stand at least 3 feet away from your window. Also...


 1. Concessions-  We are only serving our TASTY TREAT package (1 Popcorn, and 2 Candies), pre-ordered that comes with your car slot. When you arrive we will give it to you at check-in from the comfort of your car! Want an extra popcorn or candy or to get a soda or Radio? You can come to our concession stand for those limited items.  and YES you can bring your own FOOD and DRINK as The Blue Starlite has ALWAYS ALLOWED! We even have a number you can text for these additional items on our main page when you are parked on site and we will bring them to you if you do not feel comfortable getting out of your car.

All of our concessions are pre-sealed. 


 2. Bathrooms. We keep our bathrooms very clean. During this time, our bathrooms will be cleaned and sanitized every hour.  Sanitizers will be provided.  However if you’d prefer to leave and go down the street to either the public bathrooms in old settlers park in Round Rock or in Austin down to the Starbucks or HEB we will make sure you have room to leave and come back quickly and safely.


 3. We have hand sanitizer at our concession stand and are adding an additional station in walk-in pedestrian area.


 4. We are cutting our tickets  that are available for walk ins and only offering additional PASSENGERS IN A CAR.


 5. If you buy a ticket and then decide you are not comfortable going out that’s ok.  We will honor it whenever you do decide to reschedule.  


6. We will be limiting our forest sit in screen to 10 people. YES! 10 people! that is 5 couples of 2. So each  2 people will have up to 15 feet of space between them and the other people.

7. We will be limiting our Car Spaces to HALF our normal amount. Our Main Screen will only have 20 car spaces until further notice and we will only allow a limited number of additional passengers per car above the 2 that come with a car space. (Austin location only) For ROUND ROCK we will only be allowing 35 cars out of our usual 55.


We look forward to doing our best to show you a good time under the circumstances and to support SXSW artists.  And as always see you soon at the drive-in!

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