Our 3rd Central Texas location NOW OPEN!

In Collaboration with Downtown Austin Alliance Foundation 

300 San Antonio Street



and Now (Blue) Mondays Discount Nights!

Additional Movies and events
Posted Weekly! So check back!
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from our Downtown Restaurant Partners!

Text us HERE: 707-787-5072 

for Additional Concessions or if you have an ISSUE during the Film!

mOVIES and


Email us at for PRIVATE RENTALS

Email us at for Press, Ticket Questions, Movie Booking requests, and General Stuff.

CALL US at "(707)-Drive-in" for our Automated Virtual HELP DESK


In Collaboration with Downtown Austin Alliance Foundation 

  • About the Downtown Austin Alliance Foundation: The Foundation is a charitable, 501(c)(3) non-profit whose purpose is to implement key projects that support the Downtown Austin Vision. Through public space activations, place-based research, investment, and partnerships, we are helping to build a downtown everyone will love.

FAQ for Downtown- See Our General FAQ page HERE!

How to Buy Tickets: As with all our locations you MUST have a "car Slot for 2" ticket to enter the Drive-in. All other tickets listed on ticket page are ADD ON tickets in addition to your car slot for 2. If all Car Slot for 2 tickets are sold out then there are NO MORE tickets available other than to add on more passengers or concessions to a previously purchased car slot for 2 ticket! Do not ONLY buy Additional Passengers, extra concessions, or make a donation and think that that will be the same as a CAR SLOT entry ticket! 

Bathrooms- Yes, we have porta-potties that we keep very clean and locked. Text us for Code. They are on ground floor and you can take elevator right down to them.

Covid- Yes, you must stay in your car or outdoor seated area at all times ( and do not need to wear mask when seated) except to use bathrooms or get concessions! WITH MASK ON- same policy as Mueller and our other locations apply Downtown for your and our staffs safety and comfort! 

Food- Bring your own, or order from one of our local friends who will deliver to your car!