Hi! We wanted to introduce ourselves
and give you a little tour of our little ol DRIVE-IN!

And now a little tour of the Blue from Yesterday and today...

Our  Story

Summer 2009: A guy in Austin, Texas starts buying up drive-in movie theater speakers on Ebay, teaches himself how to restore them, and opens the first ever Mini Urban Drive-In with the theory that smaller is better!


The Boutique drive-in is born by taking advantage of the main things that almost made the drive-in extinct:

The exodus to the Concrete JungleUrban Sprawl (less room meant less space for hundreds of cars)

The advent of VHS, Cable, Satellites, and DVDs meant that people could watch everything at home without having to drive 30 miles out to a field in the middle of nowhere.

But, the boutique Drive-In requires less space and is more exclusive, more personal, more intimate and closer to home.

The Blue Starlite concentrates on indie films, art house, cult, Gen X/Y, childhood favorites, and drive-in classics. A new drive-in experience is born right in the heart of the city!







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Karen (Austin, Tx.)

Surprised the hubby tonight with a date to the drive in movies.....just like when we were in high school. Suffice to say, the whole experience was a huge success. Kudos to Blue Starlite of Austin in their effort to recapture a great American tradition.


Audrey (Austin, Tx)

Just wanted to say thank you. My husband and I had so much fun last night. Can't wait to do it again.


Justin (Austin, Tx)

My wife and I had a baby only just two weeks ago, and you guys were our first family outing! Thoroughly enjoyed "Raiders" at your venue! It really brings back all the great memories of going to the drive ins as a child with my parents. Thank you so much for being here!!


Dana (Austin, Tx)

fun, funky, fantastic. everything Austin is famous for. don't miss this gem!


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